martedì 11 dicembre 2018

QSL report: FM & MW

QSLs received by Norbert Reiner, Drosselsangweg 6, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany, received between 05. July 2018 and 11 December 2018


Radio Maria Shqiptare                                      91.40                          e-cd                             3 hs(!)
addr.: (address for all Radio Maria stations); hrd in June 2017 in Albania; v/s Giampiero Bernardini confirmed my f/up report within 3 hours, thank a lot, OM!

RTBF Vivacité                                                  1125                            cd                                  4 ms
addr.: 52 Boulevard Reyers, BRR001, 1044 Bruxelles

Radio Herceg Bosne, Mostar                            103.90                          ppc                                2 ws
addr.: Kralja Petra Krešimira IV. b.b., 88 000 Mostar, rr sent to Listeners Service, f/up, heard in BiH in October 2016

HRT Dubrovnik                                                88.20                          ppc                               9 ds
addr.: Vukovarska 19, 20000 Dubrovnik, v/s illegible, rr sent to Listeners Service, f/up, hrd at Neum (BiH) in October 2016

HRT Split                                                        101.00                          ppc                              2 ws
addr.: Mažuranićevo šetalište 24 a 21000 SPLIT, v/s illegible, rr sent to Listeners Service, f/up, hrd near Split in October 2016

Radio A                                                           97.80                          lt,bus-cd,viewcd,st         3 ws
addr.: Radio A, La râdio arménienne en Drôme-Ardèche, 32 Rue Pompéry, 26500 Bourg-les-Valence; v/s were Raffi, Simon, Jirayr, Chaké and David, most likely the whole team of this small Armenian radio station, they enclosed some “goodies représentant Radio A” and invited me to visit the station, a great surprise! f/up, hrd near Valence in March 2017

Alta Frequenza, Ajaccio                                    201.072 / ch 8D                                    ppc, st                           1 w
addr.: 15 Rue Commandant Bénielli, 20000 Ajaccio; v/s illegible, rr sent to „Secrétariat (Service pour Auditrices / Auditeurs)”; f/up; hrd at Marseille in March 2017

Radio Cristal, Épinal                                        92.70                          ppc,lt,st                                      4 ws
addr.: 14 Rue Roland Thiéry, B.P. 189, 88005 Épinal Cedex, v/s “l’équipe de Radio Cristal”.

Radio Direct FM                                              92.90 (xmtr Nancy)       ppc,st                             3 ws
Addr.: 3, allée St. Symphorien, 57000 Metz; hrd at Nancy

France Bleu Drôme Ardeche                             100.90 / 103.80             ppc,cd,st,e                     1 w
addr.: Latour Maubourg, 70 Avenue de Romans, 26000 Valence; v/s Léa Sudol answered by e-mail, two days later a letter with the ppc, a card and stickers was in my postbox; hrd near Valence in March 2017; f/up. Merci beaucoup, Léa…

Radio France Bleu Provence                            103.60                          ppc                                 2 ws
addr.: 560 Avenue Mozart, 13617 Aix en Provence Cédex 1; ppc was signed and stamped by “Accueil”, so probably by the secretary; hrd in Marseille; f/up. As stated on the ppc: “Merci!”.

Radio Gué Mozot, St. Étienne lès Rémiremont  107.00                          ppc                                 9 ds
addr.: 8 Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 88200 Saint Étienne lès Rémiremont; v/s Marc Guiz, Résponsable d’antenne (hrd in the Vosges Region)

Radio Lyon 1ère                                              90.20                           ppc                                 1 w
addr.: 14, rue Crépet, 69007 Lyon, rr sent to „Secrétariat (Service pour Auditrices / Auditeurs)”

Magnum La Radio, Contrexéville                       99.00                           ppc                                 4 ws
addr.: B.P. 53, 88142 Contrexéville; v/s “l’ équipe de Magnum”, hrd in the Vosges Region

Maritima Radio                                     188.928 / ch 7A                        ppc                                 4 ws
addr.: c/o MARITIMA MEDIAS, Le Bateau Blanc Bât. C, Chemin paradis, B.P. 10158, 13694 Martigues Cedex, v/s illegible, f/up; hrd at Marseille in March 2017

Radio Mistral FM                                                         106.00                          ppc, st                            3 ws
addr.: Ste. MIDIRADIOS, B.P. 417, La Bastide Verte, 83077 Toulon Cédex 09 (rr sent to 1041 Avenue de Draguignan, Secrétariat / Service pour Auditrices / Auditeurs, 83130 La Garde), v/s illegible, f/up; hrd at Marseille in March 2017

Radio Plein Coeur; Vesoul                               107.50                          ppc                              10 ds
addr.: BP 600.43, 70001 Vesoul Cedex; hrd in the Vosges Region

Radio RCM, Thiaville sur Meurthe                      97.60                           ppc,st                             1 w
addr.: 2, Rue Haute Pierron, 54120 Thiaville sur Meurthe, hrd near Nancy

Radio Résonance FM, La Bresse                      88.50                           ppc,st,invitation                          8 ds
addr.: 12, rue Mougel Bey, B.P. 48, 88250 La Bresse; v/s Eric, hrd in the Vosges Region

Radio Vintage, Vaivre et Montoille                    103.40                         cd,ppc,st                        4 ws
addr.: 15 rue sous le château, 70000 Vaivre et Montoille; v/s Patrick Walter sent a parcel with a business-cd with QSL text, the stamped ppc, stickers, pens and a nice t-shirt – thanks a lot, Patrick! Hrd in the Vosges Region

Radio Emmeloord Relay                                  6095                            e-ce                                6 ws
rr sent to , v/s Dick Offringa (

Radio StHörfunk, Schwäbisch Hall                    97.50                           ppc                                 1 w
addr.: Haalstr. 9, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall; v/s Marlene wrote a very nice remark on the ppc

Radio M Utrecht                                   188.648 / ch 6 B                       ppc                              3 ms
addr.: RTV Utrecht, Postbus 1012, 3500 BA Utrecht; f/up; hrd in s’Hertogenbosch


Radio ECCA                                                   103.90                          e                                  8 ds
addr.: rr sent to c/o Centro ECCA La Laguna (Centro Ciudadano Las Madres), C/ Benito Pérez Gáldos,
38203 La Laguna; v/s Natalia Moreno López, Delegada Tenerife Centro, Radio ECCA, Fundación Canaria sent an electronic „thank you letter“ and an invitation to their site; f/up¸ hrd in October 2015 in Puerto de la Cruz

Gente Radio                                                    95.60                           e                                  4 ws
addr.: Salto Del Barranco, 4, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife; v/s José Reyes, Gerente sent a nice e-mail confirming my reception in 2015 in Puerto de la Cruz (, f/up

Radio Marca Terife                                           97.70                           ppc                              2 ws
addr.: C/ Puerto Escondido, 1, Sexto Piso, 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife; v/s illegible  (rr sent to „Secretaría / Servicio por los Oyentes“; f/up¸ hrd in October 2015 in Puerto de la Cruz

Radio Maria España (Tenerife)                           88.50                          e-cd                             3 hs(!)
addr.: (address for all Radio Maria stations); hrd in October 2015 in Puerto de la Cruz; v/s Giampiero Bernardini confirmed my f/up report within 3 hours, thank a lot, OM!


AFN The Eagle, Tokyo                                     810                              e-cd                             2 ds
v/s George A. Smith, Public Relations Officer / Chief Affiliate Relations, hrd. via remote SDR receiver in Kongsfjord, Norway

N O R T H  A M E R I C A

KSRM, Kenai                                                   920                              e                                  1 d
v/s Matt Wilson General Manager / Marketing Director KSRM Inc., hrd. via remote SDR receiver in Kongsfjord, Norway

Newsradio KFBK, Sacramento, CA                    1530                           e                                  1 d
v/s : Dave Fortenberry, Asst. Chief Engineer, hrd via remote SDR receiver in Kongsfjord, Norway*.

Of course I mentioned the receiver’s location in all my rr’s!