lunedì 31 maggio 2021

FM: proviamo l'E sporadica con una pirata finlandese su 87 MHz (& 87.5)


Finnish pirate station FinnHits Radio will broadcast on FM during Sporadic E -openings from South Finland to Europe and Russia.

The signal is directed to the ionopheric clouds when the FM-band is open to other countries.

The station will use 87.0 MHz to directions Italy and Russia.

To other countries 87.0/87.5 MHz will be used.

The ERP-power (antenna power) will be 2,5 kW (250 W TRP) with RDS Stereo.

RDS-level is adjusted high, 7 kHz.

The station will broadcast Finnish pop and rock music, jingles and station-ids.

E-mail address is

You can see if the station is on air with real-time updates on

Via Fabrizio Carnevalini - FMDXItaly

nota: Questa emissione è leggermente fuori frequenza (87.0 MHz) apposta per facilitare le prove di ES. Ormai quasi tutti i ricevitori portatili con l'FM possono essere settati per la banda Giapponese a partire da 76 MHz, o per l'Est Europa a partire da 66 Mhz. Naturalmente fino ai 108 MHz.