venerdì 8 aprile 2022

Domestic Broadcasting Survey - Nuova edizione by Anker Petersen

Thanks to Anker Petersen for alerting us to the new 24th edition of his 'Domestic Broadcasting Survey' (April 2022) now available to download from the DSWCI website.

The 14 page DBS-24 pdf lists all domestic shortwave broadcast radio stations active in the past 12 months:

In Part 1 active stations in the range 2300-5700 kHz are listed (in fact this is the 50th edition of the 'Tropical Band Survey'! The first edition of the 'Tropical Band Survey was published in June 1973 and had 44 pages of stations listed just in the 120, 75 and 60mbs!)

In Part 2 active stations broadcasting to a domestic audience on shortwave frequencies above 5700 kHz are listed.

In Part 3 stations no longer heard and so deleted from Part 1 and Part 2 above since 2017 are listed.

(N.B. listing excludes pirate stations) DBS 24 can be downloaded free of charge from the DSWCI website: (click Domestic Broadcasting Survey < Latest Edition on the left hand side menu)