mercoledì 19 dicembre 2018

AM new European stations on 1476 & 1500 kHz

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Something is moving on Europen MW. Here are new (or coming back) 3 stations on 1476 & 1500 kHz. You can find much more info and details on Ydun's Medium Wave Info

1476 kHz - UK, Carillon Wellbeing Radio, Loughborough, a sister station to hospital radio Carillion Radio, has begun testing on December 17 on 1476 kHz. Licens for up to 1 kW permitted. It will continue for 28 days.

1476 kHz - SWEDEN,  Radio Asfalttelegrafen is back with 330 watt. It will start December 26 to end January 8

1500 kHz - GERMANY Same low power stations are starting broadcasting in Germany. One is reported to go on air on "strange" frequency of 1500 kHz from Munich with 10 watt