giovedì 10 novembre 2016

Ascoltando la radio con la peppola

Ascoltare guardando la natura. Una peppola di passaggio in Danimarca, a casa di Anker Petersen

Dear DX-friends, we got the first light snow this morning. Yesterday I took the attached photo of a Brambling (Fringilla montifringilla)   having just arrived to my terrace from Northern
Scandinavia or Russia. Today it was not seen, so it might have continued its flight southwards.
Here are my latest loggings on the AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 metres of longwire
73, Anker Petersen (Ndr: in Italia si chiama peppola ed è specie protetta)

3995.00 1740-1750 5.11 D HCJB, Weenermoor German
religious talk 45333 HCJB schedule seems to be reduced at
night. AP-DNK

4010.24 0240-0250 7.11 KGZ Birinchi R, Krasnaya Rechka
Kyrgyz conversation - again drifting from nominal frequency 45232 //
4819.94 (15111) AP-DNK

4750.03 1750-1816* 5.11 BGD Bangladesh Betar, Shavar on one
hour extended broadcast Bengali talk, song, 1800 Bengali news, 1812
local song with abrupt s/off 25232 AP-DNK

4810.00 1817-1825 5.11 ARM Armenian Public R, Noratus
Arabic news 35343 AP-DNK

4930.02 1820-1835 5.11 BOT VOA, Moepeng Hill Shona talk,
interlude with African song, 1830 VOA English ID, music 35343 AP-DNK

4940.05 *2028-2035 5.11 STP VOA, Pinheira English ID:
"This is the Voice of America signing on", 2030 English talk 35332

4949.75 2025 5.11 AGL R Nacional de Angola,
Mulenvos just a weak carrier heard in Denmark, but no audio AP-DNK

6085.03 1215-1235 5.11 D R Mi Amigo, via the new transmitter
in Kall-Krekel English ann, pop songs, requests reception reports,
ID: "Radio Mi Amigo International" 35343 //, but not synchronised
6005 (44333 CWQRM in LSB) and 7310 (25232) AP-DNK