giovedì 30 maggio 2019

Radio Mi Amigo 45 years special 4 days live - Frequencies

Radio Mi Amigo celebrating 45th Anniversary

45 years ago, Radio Mi Amigo was launched by entrepreneur extraordinaire Sylvain Tack. A true offshore radio pirate, named after the ship that the station broadcasted from: Radio Caroline's legendary radio ship, the mv Mi Amigo.
Radioship MV Castor
This week, we celebrate Radio Mi Amigo's 45th anniversary, together with our Belgian colleagues from 'Miamigo40', a group of free-radio enthusiasts, among them many prominent Radio Mi Amigo veterans.
They organised this unique reunion of 'ex-pirates', that were all involved with the original 70s Radio Mi Amigo. What better spot to re-unite than on a real radio ship: the MV 'Castor', anchored in Belgium's Blankenberge harbour!
We look forward to reuniting with many old 'shipmates' and friends, such as Bert Bennett, Wil van der Steen, Bob Noakes, Ferry Eden and Marc van Amstel, who will all do live shows on the Castor. We'll also pay tribute to two very dear Mi Amigo friends we lost: Peter van Dam and Joop Verhoof: some of their original shows are scheduled as well.

Revisit this website regularly this weekend, as we intend to post live updates, video and pictures throughout the event.

From Thursday, May 30 till Sunday, June 2nd, Radio Mi Amigo International will relay the special Belgian 'Mi Amigo 45' anniversary broadcasts. The programs will come live from a studio on board a temporary 'radio ship': the MV Castor, sister ship of the notorious Bellatrix tender that supplied the Ross Revenge and the MV Communicator in the 80s. See the program schedule.

Visit us! The ship and studio are open to the public. We invite you to come and visit the DJs in our live-studio on board the MV Castor in Blankenberge harbour, where you can experience first-hand that Radio Mi Amigo is still very much alive today, 45 years later...

Thanks to Denis Ivtrepgq, Radioascolto 360° Facebook group

Here how to listen to the special programs:
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Radios & frequencies: