mercoledì 22 maggio 2019

Radio Maria Romania left 1485 AM for 87.8 FM - AM notes

The new Radio Maria FM tx site in Roman, Romania
Radio Maria left MW for FM in Roman, Romania. The site of Roman AM, 1 kW on 1485 kHz, was built and owned by Radio Maria Romania. The antenna used was a full quarter wave monopole isolated at the base with 120 quarter wave buried radials. It was a low cost AM project in  Romanian environement. The solid state AM transmitter was produced by Castel in Chile.

The new Radio Maria Romania FM tx is running 100w in one vertical dipole at 50m above ground on 87,8 MHz.
100 watt FM Radio Maria tx
Notes about MW in Romania

The low power AM is still alive in Romania. The country has 3 frequencies coordinated with neighbor countries: 1485, 1584 and 1602kHz, in use by 12 broadcast radios (religious ). The last one at Timisoara , on 1584kHz is under construction by using a brand new 3kW Nautel transmitter, the project of Datacomp.

Thanks to Puiu Cristea, Radio Maria Romania, YO5BIM, P29VIM, Z68BIM, YB6/YO5BIM...

The Radio Maria MW antenna in Roman site

Roman Radio Maria site
The dismissed AM TX