mercoledì 12 aprile 2017

Radio Show per ricordare il trasmettitore in onde corte di Sitkūnai

Le antenne di Sitkunai in Lituania dalla pagina di Christian Milling su Facebook
Un Radio Show per il trasmettitore in onde corte di Sitkūnai, chiuso il 25 marzo 2017 in onda su varie frequenze dal 15 al 18 aprile

As you may know the Sitkūnai shortwave transmitter was shutdown forever. The last px was on Saturday, 25th March 2017 between 0430 und 0500 UTC the NHK to 79° on 5910 kHz. I was in Vilnius and had the chance to visit the tx site as probably the last person from abroad. I took some pictures, you can find them here: CLICCA QUI

My original idea was to do a "Bye, bye Sitkūnai" program which is broadcasted over the transmitter as the last show ever. Due to technical difficulties and the massive personal effort it takes to set the tx in operation for an ad-hoc broadcast this won't be possible.

But: we managed to produce a show which will cover the history of Lithuanian Radio, Radio Vinius' foreign service, Radio M-1 (the first and only commercial radiostation in the soviet union), Radio Centras and Radio Baltic Waves International - and of course the Sitkūnai transmission station. Rimantas Pleykis, Sigitas Žilionis and Audrius Matonis will be our guests in the show. We will add some historical audio recordings as well as Lithuanian music.

Here is the broadcast schedule (all times in UTC):

○ 2017-04-15 from 1200-1300 via DB 9875 100 kW 125° towards Australia / New Zealand
○ 2017-04-15 from 2200-2300 via YFR 5950 100 kW 181° towards Northern America
○ 2017-04-16 from 0800-0900 via KLL 7310 001 kW 040° towards Western Europe
○ 2017-04-16 from 1000-1100 via KLL 6005 001 kW 010° towards Western Europe
○ 2017-04-16 from 1200-1300 via TAC 9875 100 kW 068° towards Eastern Asia / Japan
○ 2017-04-16 from 1700-1800 via KLL 3985 001 kW 000° towards Western Europe
○ 2017-04-16 from 1601-1659 via SOF 9400 100 kW 306° towards Western Europe
○ 2017-04-16 from 1800-1900 via ERV 7465 100 kW 330° towards Northern Europe
○ 2017-04-16 from 2130-2230 via YFR 9955 100 kW 160° towards Central America
○ 2017-04-17 from 0100-0200 via YFR 9395 100 kW 355° towards North-Eastern America
○ 2017-04-17 from 0300-0400 via YFR 9955 100 kW 160° towards Central America
○ 2017-04-18 from 0300-0400 via IMB 9265 050 kW 242° towards Central America

As already mentioned there will be a special QSL card. To obtain one, please note this rules:

- I will only send printed QSLs, no eQSLs.
- please add return postage (mininum is 0,45€ for Germany, 0,90€ for europe or oversea, no IRCs, as the post office hardly accepts it)
- RRs containing only "man talks, music, man talks" as details aren't sufficient and won't be answered
- multiple RRs will be answered on the same QSL card.
- shipping of QSLs will start in June 2017 earliest.

QSL-Adress: Shortwaveservice - Kuchenheimer Straße 155 - D-53881 Euskirchen - Germany

You may find these rules annoying, but travelling, production and airing took much time and money, so it's important to me, that the audience appreciates the content and not only the QSL.

Happy Easter!