giovedì 13 aprile 2017

Radio Nederland Werelsomroep torna on air per un giorno via Shortwaveservice

Radio Nederland Werelsomroep on air per un giorno via Shortwaveservice il 15 aprile

Hi all, the Easter-weekend is approaching and Shortwaveservice will have a bunch of extra-programming for you.

On April 15th, Radio Nederland Werelsomroep will be back on the airwaves for one day. The former employees Dick Klees, Hans Hogendoorn, Pieter Damave en Ruud Poeze will do a 7 hour long live broadcast from an original OB van from 1958. The broadcast is produced in the car-museum in Schagen in the north of the Nederlands.

... on 3985 between 11-18 CEST (09-16 UTC)
... on 6005 between 11-15 CEST (09-13 UTC)
... on 7310 between 11-12 and 16-17 CEST (09-10 and 14-15 UTC)
... and on 15560 between 14-17 CEST (12-15 UTC)

The crew can be contacted directly during the show via: e-Mail Wereldomroep70(AT)

More details in dutch at: