martedì 24 marzo 2020

Soviet unid radio on 1611, Mozambique on 1206 and Italian unid on 1188 - A MW log

Logo di Radio Mozambico. Su 1206 AM ricevuta Emissor Provincial de Inhambane

Nice tips on Medium Wave in these weeks. We read many interesting logs on FB groups, clubs' mailing lists, magazines. Here a log made in Bocca di Magra, Italy (Perseus & Cloud-IQ receivers with a 1530LNP loop) by Giampiero Bernardini and Dario Monferini (1611 clandestine Russian unid)

Please note this tips:

1) A Soviet radio back from the past. On 1611 kHz Dario heard a real interesting "clandestine", as he defines it,  radio from Russia (i seems) with old Soviet songs. In the bottom you can find what in Finland serious listeners say about it.

2) For the first time I could listen to a station from Mozambique. It was on 1206 kHz, now a free channel.

3) Nice to report fair also in Italy on 1494 a relay of Coast FM (Tenerife) via Ireland

4) An Italian unid radio is testing (irr) on 1188

The Log

594  18/3  0455 Radio Kaduna, Nigeria, Afro songs, news Vn, fair
729   18/3 0259 ERA, Athens, Greece, news, Greek, fair good
756   18/3 0400 BBC World Service, Redruth, UK news EE fair

765   18/3 0258 Radio Sudan, Khartoum, song, news AA, fair over Saudi Arabia
927   18/3 0500 Radio Byr, TRT, Izmir, Turkey, commercials, ids, talks, Turkish, fair
1170 13/3 0300 Smooth Radio, Ipswich UK, EE, talks good over Capodistria for 2 minutes

1188 12/3 2300 Italian Unid Radio, testing, dance songs no stop, no id heard, presumed in Tuscany because good signal

1206 18/3 0259 Emissor Provincial de Inhambane, Mozambique, music, id, national news, weak (free channel)

1269 18/3 0300 Greek pirate over Spain with Greek songs fair
1278 18/3 0300 Pulse 2, Bradford, UK 430 watt, talks, EE, fair

1305 15/3 1320 Radio Zainet, Pisa Coltano, Italy, songs, IT fair good No more Radio Città del Capo here!

1332 18/3 0059 Gold, Peterborough UK, 600 w, talks, jingle, news EE, weak fair
1350 19/3 0000- 0205 Radio Paradise, Belgium, songs no stop, rock, also German songs, good

1359 19/3 0258 Dimtsi Woyane Tigray, Mekelle, Ethiopia, HoA music, Vn, fair
1368 18/3 2250 Manx Radio, Isle of Man, UK, songs, commercials, news fair

1377 18/3 2350 Radio Free Africa, Tanzania, Afro mx & songs, good
1395 12/3 2200 Radio Seabreeze, Nederland, 100 w, Dutch, news, songs, fair good

1413 18/3 2300 Vesti FM, Grigoriopol, Moldova, news RR, fair
1440 19/3 0450 Radio 208, Denmark, songs, "The Rock of Copenaghen" fair good
1449 19/3 0100 BBC World Service, Aberdeen Scotland UK, news EE, 2 kw, over Saudi Arabia

1476 13/3 0300 Carillon Wellbeing Radio, UK, news EE, fair
1494 18/3 0158 Coast FM Tenerife via Sligo Ireland, ids, jingles, news, songs, EE fair
1500 13/3 0300 Eule, Germany, Talks in German over WFED, fair
1503 18/3 0600 BBC Radio Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent, UK, local id, news EE, 1 kw, weak fair QRM Spain

1557 18/3 0000 Gold, Northampton, UK, talks EE, over Smooth Radio, 740 w, weak fair
1584 15/3 1340 Regional Radio, Otricoli, Umbria, Italy, songs, weak
1584 13/3 0001 RDE, Trieste, Italy, songs, IT, good
1593 12/3 2300 Bretagne 5, France, news FF, fair
1602 15/3 1330 Radio Milano 1602, Italy songs IT, fair

1611.4 24/3 0250-0400 Russian clandestine, "Govorit Moskva", Russian, old CCCP songs, fair

About the Russian-Soviet radio on 1611 Kari Kallio, Lahti Finland (14/3-2020) reported:

DX Info about Russian Clandestine MW radio station embarrassing in the Northern Europe.
 It started very innocent like for maybe two weeks ago as an odd disturbance under 1602 kHz and then in the early  state some could note anyhow there speaking in Russian language which only few can understand here in the North,  however.

It let arise a vivid speculation ao. in the SDXL-AM-group what it was all about where it got the nickname  "UNID 1599,62 kHz". Gradually the station started to crawl upwards and some heard it at least once on 1620  kHz...but it turned around and went downwards, seemingly now to be parked on 1611 kHz. It is the frequency where  quite often many Dutch pirate radios use to transmit mainly pop or ethnic polka music. So inside their reception area  this newcomer is not possible to be heard.

Also among the Finnish DXers abnormalities were reported in reception  with different antennas. JM Nurmela in Central Finland logged that he can hear to the station with the backbeam of  his yankee antennawire but only Dutch polka with some other. The station is frequently S9-strong at least in the  remote SW Finnish Kiwi SDR receiver in Turku as well in Belarussia.

I asked there a DXer Alex to listen to the  program and make notes about it. He analysed also some of my to him posted soundclips about contents. "This is a  radio or movie magazine entry from the 1950s (?) tells about difficulties in the production of phonograph records (the  first track is about helping the Red Army in this, the second track is about replacing old phonograph records with new  ones at exchange points).
No ID!" Last night he send me his own observations as follows: "On the evening of 12 and  13, I listened to 1611, again archived records * Good morning * and * Good evening * 60s-70s All-Union Radio  (USSR), there was no identification of who is relaying. Alex".

So far can we say that somebody has decided to dig very, over a half decade old filed archives radio recordings  from the USSR as drama and radio plays to replay them anew to the audience which has probably not ever heard  them live, now on the same old work-place: AM radio and on the Medium Waves.
Is this some sublime trial to revive  some kind of Museum Radio somewhere in the russophone world along the Southern beaches of the Baltic Sea or  somewhere deeper in the inland? The time will later probably light up what it in fact was - a serious project or only   fun" like a pirate radio.