lunedì 18 giugno 2018

Voice of Indonesia su 3325 kHz, abbattute le antenne per le onde corte

Voice of Indonesia ha spostato la sua frequenza di trasmissioni su 3325 kHz, via  via RRI Palangkaraya. Ha quindi scelto una frequenza destinata al corto raggio. Pare però che sia una decisione forzata. Le antenne usate fino a poco tempo fa sono state abbattute per fare posto a una università.

Da  SWB:

3325 Jun16 1030 - On June 16, "Voice of Indonesia," via RRI Palangkaraya, on 3325 kHz., started sometime between 1030-1045, in English; at 1101 switched to Chinese till that ended at 1155; from 1155 till past 1308+, as only hearing dead air (decent strength carrier, with no hint of any audio). Would seem there was an interruption with whatever means they use to get the audio feed from Jakarta. Yet another day with no trace at all of NBC Bougainville (3325 kHz.), which would normally be considerably stronger than Indonesia. (Ron Howard California via WOR/DXLD)

Da Facebook:

Pradip Kundu, 16 giugno alle ore 18:23 - Regarding Voice of Indonesia Shortwave transmission which is off the air for a long time, it has now been known from our Australian friend Michael Cunningham, that all antennas of VOI Transmitter site at Cimmangis (Nearly 40 Kms away from Jakarta) which we visited last year have been removed as a University will be set up there. It means VOI will have to install its Transmitter and antennas in a new site before it resumes regular shortwave transmission again. Meanwhile, it is being reported that VOI program is carried on 3325 kHz from Rri Palangkaraya (domestic transmitter) in addition to online streaming for the time being.