venerdì 30 agosto 2019

RNE & R5 regional and local news schedule - Let's DX Spain on MW

Posted by Spanish DXer Mauricio Molano in MWC mailing list. Tanks also to Jorge Garzón

The Spanish National Radio RNE changes its contents from this coming Monday (2nd september) to August 2020. The Radio 5 (RNE-R5 Todonoticias) network offers more local and regional windows on Medium Wave Band, as following:

All times UTC (In bold new regional windows)

Monday to Friday:
0525-0530 R5TN LOCAL
0545-0600 R1//R5TN REG
0715-0730 R5TN LOCAL
0804-0806 R1//R5TN REG
0904-0906 R1//R5TN REG
1004-1006 R1//R5TN REG

1110-1200 R1//R5TN REG
1504-1506 R1//R5TN REG
1604-1606 R1//R5TN REG
1820-1830 R1//R5TN REG

0705-0715 R5TN REG
1130-1200 R1//R5TN REG

Here Mauricio's blog

Here you can find Jorge's blog