giovedì 1 febbraio 2018

Morto Tom Taylor. L'ultimo programma di EMR nel weekend

Hello There from IRRS/NEXUS-IBA in Milan,

We are back after a while, with some very sad news. Tom Taylor, also known as
Barry Stephens, former founder of European Music Radio, and passionate Shortwave radio enthusiast heard many times over our station, has died.

We exchanged emails last November with Tom, and he wrote me about his illness.
Tom was extremely eager to return to the air in 2018. I thought that these days
he would be able to recover quickly. However, I was wrong.

I am loosing a very good friend and a passionate radio lover alike. We are all
going to miss him greatly at NEXUS.

We scheduled the last EMR program that Tom sent to us for a special broadcast
over the next weekend on:

i.) Friday, Feb 2, 2018, 1900-2000 UTC on 7290 kHz (150 kW to EU) and 846 kHz MW

ii.) Saturday, Feb 3, 2018, 0900-1000 UTC on 9510 kHz (150 kW to EU)

Also repeated at various other times on 846 kHz during all next week from 7PM-01
AM CET on 846 kHz to Southern Europe, and available via streaming at

Hope Tom will be enjoying good reception from the heavens.

Keep listening to Shortwave.

Alfredo Cotroneo