giovedì 18 maggio 2017

EDXC Conference 2017 - Ultime notizie

Il DXer finlandese Mauno Ritola ha postato sul gruppo Facebook del WRTH sulla prossima edizione delle EDXC Conference prevista a Tampere, Finlandia, dal 18 al 20 agosto. Ecco il testo:

From Risto Vähäkainu:
Dear friends,
it is high time to register to this year's EDXC Conference which will be held in Tampere, Finland on 18-20 August organized by the Finnish DX Association....
We have already received about 30 registrations from abroad and registration of the Finnish participants will also activate these days. Altogether we expect to have a participation of 120-150. This meeting will most probably be the last big DX and shortwave meeting in Europe, so don't miss it!

We are working hard to have a comprehensive conference program. A new version has just been updated to the conference website CLICCA QUI
More details will be added later, when some still tentative sessions have been confirmed.

A tour to the beautiful Finnish Lapland will follow after the conference for those interested. We do have already a good list for tentative participants of the tour, but the possibility to join the tour will still be open for 10 days, so if you want to join it, act quickly. After 26 of May we will make a final decision on how the tour will be done and what the costs will be.

Conference registrations, tour inquiries and all questions are welcome to rv at sdxl dot com.
Welcome to Finland for a great DX conference!

on behalf of the organizers
Risto Vähäkainu

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