martedì 21 giugno 2016

Mosquito Coast DX News - Ascolti onde corte

Mosquito Coast DX News - 18 June 2016 - by Bob Wilkner

Subtropical rain storms have begun in south Florida. Conditions remain below average on the tropical band with frequent thunderstorm interference. Working with audio filters to combat local interference with some success. 73 Bob

2485 Australia, VL8K Katherine NT 1010 to 1030 threshold with yl and om in English. first time in several weeks with - 2325 Australia VL8T Tennant Creek NT only a carrier 18 June (Wilkner)

3325 Papua New Guinea - Radio Bouginville in English at 1048 past 1100 with fair to good signals had local news and events June 8th - (Trotto)

3260 Papua New Guinea - Radio Madang ,Presumed heard in pidgin at 1042 with om with talk poor signals only station listed here so presuming it is them June 8th - (Trotto)

3289.95 Guyana, GBC Voice of Guyana 0832 to 0840 om chat, suspect preacher? with religious message 16 June (Wilkner)

3310 Bolivia Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba 0830 to 0840 yl in Quechua, weak signal this local morning 16 June, 1008 yl speaking very rapidly in Q. to 1015 -- 18 June (Wilkner)

3330 Canada- CHU Canada from Ottawa noting this on 3330 was very weak as the Papua New Guinea stations were coming in at 1115 - June 8th (Trotto)

Brasil Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira 1010 to 1020 with om in Portuguese with no music 18 June (Wilkner)

4055 Guatemala, Radio Verdad 1010 similar to interval signal, then chorale music at recheck 1028 to 1030 18 June (Wilkner)

4747.8 Perú Radio Huanta 2000 Huanta Ayacucho 1004 to 1016 music under t-storm with om announcer 18 June (Wilkner)

4805 Brasil Radio Difusora do Amazonas,Manaus 2310 to 2315 noted weak signal with om in PT, seem regular 18 June (Wilkner)

4875.1 Brasil Rdif Roraima, Boa Vista RR 1007 om in PT, later into brief music 1015 18 June, 0003 ** ARO in USB two chatting over Rdif Roraima. Thunderstorm cut short listening - 19 June (Wilkner)

4910 Australia, VL8T Tennant Creek 0820 to 0830* om with program items in English, brief music 0823, weak signal and off at 0830 - 16 June (Wilkner)

4990 Suriname, Radio Apintie, Paramaribo 0830 to 0900 Dutch om fading in at times, marginal signal 16 June (Wilkner)

5910 Colombia Alcaraván Radio, Puerto Lleras 1015 to 1022 om in slow Spanish, mets de el Senor J C 18 June (Wilkner)

6070 Canada CFRX Toronto 0835 to 0837 yl with commercial message 16 June (Wilkner)

6134.85 Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz 1017 ments de Cuba by om followed by ID at 1030, good signal 18 June (Wilkner)

6135.18 Brasil Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP 2300 to 2310 very weak in PT with Radio Santa Cruz noted in lsb narrow filter same time 18 June (Wilkner)

6600 South Korea - Voice of the People Presumed here in Korean at 1130 very weak could make out om with some sort of talk June 8th - (Trotto)

9835 Sarawak FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1413-1500+ 11 June. Programme of Qur'an recitations, one speaker with a chorus-background on some suras (1st time I've heard that..nice), Sarawak FM singing jingle @ :58, guitar fill to TOH 1+1 pips/TC into "berita..Radio Nasional RTM". Also 1417-1458 12 June with similar format & more "chorus" [sounds almost like street-corner doo-wop]. (Dan Sheedy)

9920 CNR1 (jammer) 1425+ 11 June. You can't have too much CNR1, ya? Echo jamming this morning v. VOA in TB. (Dan Sheedy)

11430 VoH (P) 1417 11 June. Poor with CH chat, occ. music & //11470 (better), 11530 (poor, but clear--unlike @ 1334 9 June when CNR1 jammer was all over them). (Dan Sheedy)

11645 R. Dabanga (Santa Maria di Galeria) 0455-0515+ 9 June. Ex-11650 (today only?) with in-studio chat/phone calls, ID/RD jingle @ 0515. Well over VoG (//9420 much better). (Dan Sheedy)

11665 Wai FM/Limbang FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1310-1330 9 June. Got up early enough to catch the Wai/Limbang switch today..Wai/Limbang DJs saying hi as they switch programming ["hallo Limbang---hallo Wai.."], very nice Limbang FM singing jingle & "Radio Malaysia--Limbang FM" tag with echo, ML pop with DJ chat (sounds like he back-announces the songs). (Dan Sheedy)

11645 R. Dabanga (Santa Maria di Galeria) *0427-0435+ 13 June. Caught the mid-jingle 0427 s/off of Tamazuj (Talata-Volonondry)-11650 with 11645 Dabanga opening with the end of the jingle, Sudanese fill music (flutes/percussion--quite nice) & apparent Dabanga opening @ BOH ("usual" RD jingle/ID @ 0434) but very difficult copy as the SMG signal was rather poor in comparison to Talata-Volonondry's..according to Ivo's info in DXLD16-23, Dabanga's switch to 11645 started on 7 June. (Dan Sheedy)

17815 WHRI 1555-1605+ 6 June. Tuned into "Prayer Line" 800 #, quick mention of SP sked, ID/EG sked to TOH then "Midnight Cry Ministries", which is sked 1600-1615 M-F according to but not found on WHRI sked when I checked on 6 June (it's been added since) & still not listed in Aoki/EiB (Dan Sheedy)

15345a RAE (presumed) 1403+ 13 June. News & chat about Copa America