mercoledì 29 giugno 2016

Le QSL di Norbert Reiner

QSL’s de Norbert Reiner, Drosselsangweg 6, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany, received between 12 August 2015 and 26 June 2016




Radio France Bleu Elsass 1278 lt/cd,ppc 1 w
addr.: 4, rue Joseph Massol, 67000 Strasbourg; v/s Frédéric Mourey, Responsable Technique France BLEU Alsace, heard on 31 December 2015 (last day of emission on medium waves)


Radio Neckaralb Live 104.80 ppc 2 ws
addr.: Radio Alpha 10 GmbH & Co. KG, Obere Wässere 6-8, 72764 Reutlingen (via ENERGY) 178.352 (ch 5C) ppc 4 ds
addr.: c/o Sport1 GmbH, Münchener Str. 101 g, 85737 Ismaning

Radio Ilmwelle 206.352 (ch 9C) ppc, st, key holder 3 ws
addr.: PN Medien GmbH, Funkhaus Pfaffenhofen, Niederscheyerer Strasse 98, 85276 Pfaffenhofen (heard at Kempten, Bavaria)

Radio Muenchen 220.352 (ch 11C) ppc,cd,info,CD,st 1 w
addr.: Elilandstraße 16, 81547 München (heard near Ulm)

Radio PN Eins 206.352 (ch 9C) ppc, st, key holder 3 ws
addr.: PN Medien GmbH, Funkhaus Pfaffenhofen, Niederscheyerer Strasse 98, 85276 Pfaffenhofen (heard at Kempten, Bavaria)

Radio Bochum 98.50 lt,ppc,st 1 w
addr.: Huestrasse 25, 44787 Bochum; v/s Andrea Donat, Chefredakteurin, replied with a detailled and very nice letter

Radio Vest, Recklinghausen 94.60 ppc 2 ws
addr.: Steinstrasse 14, 45657 Recklinghausen

Patientenradio Peilsender, Klingenmuenster 87.90 e 5 ds ppc,lt,st 1 m
addr.: Patientenradio Peilsender, c/o Pfanzinstitut. Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, Psychosomatik und Psychotherapie, Sozialtherapeutische Abteilung, Weinstraße 100, 76889 Klingenmuenster; v/s Rudi Pericki; Patientenradio Peilsender is a hospital radio station transmitting with 5 watts; heard in Klingenmuenster; they invited me to tell about the DX hobby in one of their transmissions

Radio Amathusia via Kall-Krekel 6005 cd 5 ds
rr sent to and

Der Nordschleswiger via Kall-Krekel 6005 ppc 3 ws
addr.: Skibbroen 4, 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark; the Nordschleswiger is the newspaper of the German community in southern Denmark, they transmit news of 3 minutes in German via Kall-Krekel as well as via Radio Skala

From the Isle of Music via Channel 292 6070 e-cd 2 ds

Studio Northlight via Channel 292 6070 e-cd 5 ws

Deutscher Wetterdienst 5905 e, cd 2 ds
addr.: rr sent to; v/s : Wilfried Behncke, Nationaler NAVTEX-Koordinator,

Deutschlandfunk 1422 cd 10 ds
addr.:; the QSL confirms the last minutes of DLF on medium waves

HUNGARY (unofficial radio)

QBC International 6985 e-cd 8 ws
addr.:; v/s an dop Peter wrote that he’s transmitting from Central Hungary with 10 – 12 watts

IRELAND (unofficial Radio)

Reflections Europe 6295 e-cd 11 hs!

ITALY (unofficial Radio)

BCL News via Channel 292 6070 e-cd 2ws addr.:

Blue Dragon AM 6975 e-cd 1 h!
addr.:, v/s „Mr. Blue“ wrote that they are transmitting from Norhtern Italy with 500 watts

IBC – Italian Broadcasting Corporation 6970 cd 10 ws
addr.: ibc@europe,com

Key Channel Radio 6920 e-cd, info 3 ds
addr.:; station is located in Northern Italy

Marconi Radio International 7690 e-cd, info 1 m


Radio Baltic Waves International 1386 e,pictures 1 d
V/s and addr.: Rimantas Pleikys, Radio Station Manager (


Lokale Omroep Lokaal 7, Berlicum/Sint-Michielsgestel 107.40 ppc,lt 2 ws
addr.: Pastoor van de Boomstraat 10-A, 5258 GE Berlicum; v/s Beau van Groenendaal (PD9BG) works as a volunteer at Lokaal 7 FM and has his own programme on saturday mornings („Muzikale Koffie“)

Omroep Reindonk 107.10 ppc 4 ws
addr.: Bemmelstraat 2 /B, 5961 HN Horst lb

PUUR NL, Den Bosch 94.10 ppc 1 w
addr.: Postbus 8, 5201 AA Den Bosch

Qmusic 101.00 ppc,poster 1 w
addr.: Paul van Vlissingenstraat 10D, 1096 Amsterdam; v/s Kai Merckx (DJ) sent a poster of himself with an autograph

Radio Sublime FM 89.70 cd,ppc,st 1 w
addr.: Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL Utrecht

Radio Weert FM 97.00 ppc,sheet 5 ws
addr.: Wilhelminasingel 252, 6001 GV Weert

Radio 8 FM, Den Bosch 188.928 (DAB+ ch 7 A) ppc 1 w
addr.: Postbus 8, 5201 AA Den Bosch

NETHERLANDS (unofficial Radio)

Calypso Radio 1620 e-cd 9 ws

Mike Radio 6232 e-lt 6 ds
addr.:, their transmitter a Telefunken S2525/3 that formerly had been in use at the coast guard station Hürup in Germany. They transmit from the centre oft he Netherlands with approximately 1 kW.

Radio Montferland 6320 e, e-cd 2 ds

Radio 42 6265 e, e-cd 3 ds

RUSSIA (unofficial Radio)

Radio Komintern 6990 e, e-cd 2 ds
addr.:; v/s and operator Sergej from Rossosh, Voronesh Region, sent his e-QSL with congratulations in German to me and to all communists in Germany on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution…


Radio Capodistria 1170 ppc 1 w
addr: Radio Koper-Capodistria, Via OF 15, 6000 Koper-Capodistria


Radio Onyx 188.928 (DAB + ch 7 A) e, st 1 w
addr.: via Ponteggia 2, 6814 Cadempino;; v/s Alessandro Rampani answered by e-mail and sent nice stickers in an envelope. Alessandro wrote that Radio Onyx looks for partner / sponsors, as they have to pay a fee of 5000.—SFr for the DAB + transmissions)


Manx Radio 1368 e, cd 2/4 ws
addr.: rr sent by snail mail to Broadcasting House, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5BW; v/s Ed Rixon, Broadcasting Engineer (

Unofficial Radio

Radio Orion 2000 6915 e-cd 3 ds

Radio Quintus 6305 e-cd 2 ws


CANARY ISLANDS (All stations heard in Tenerife)

Canarias Radio – La Autonómica 104.70 ppc 5 ws
addr.: rr sent to Avda. Marítima, 4, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife; no address on ppc / envelope; v/s illegible

Radio El Dia 89.30 e 2 ds
rr sent by snail mail to Av. de Buenos Aires, 71, 38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife; after 2 days (!) a e-mail-verie was in the box; v/s Maleny Yanes Alonso (Jefa Dpto. Técnico Radio El Día) promised to return my ppc.

Radio Realejos FM 107.90 lt,ppc,st 4 ws
addr.: c/ San Isidro s/n, Centro Comercial Realejos, 38410 Los Realejos (Tenerife); v/s Juan José L. Gonzáles (director) sent me a very kind letter. Radio Realejos is local station mainly presenting local and regional news / reports.

Radio Taoro, La Orotava 96.50 ppc 5 ms
addr.: El Calvario, 5, 38300 LA OROTAVA (TENERIFE)



Voice of Mongolia, English Section 12035 cd 6 ws
addr.: CPO Box 365, Ulaanbatar 13; I sent them 3 rr’s concerning my receptions on 12035 kHz, on 6005 kHz (via Kall) and a f/up for my reception of the HS on 4895 kHz; both cards (nice viewcards with QSL text) confirmed my reception on 12035 kHz…


Myanma Radio 5985 e 4 ws
addr.:, v/s “Myanma Radio (English Progam). They sent me a very kind e-mail and a detailed electronic QSL-card.


Radio Habana Cuba 5040 e,cd,schedule 6ms
addr.:; v/s: Rosario Lafita Fernández, Head of Correspondence Dept.



Super Rádio Deus é Amor 11765 e 5h
addr.: rr sent to; v/s Marcos Ribeiro



SV2HQL/B HF Beacon 28271.5 cd 10 ms
addr.: Asterios Evaggelou, Marikas Kotouli 132, Ioannina 45445