martedì 16 aprile 2019

Italian MW: Radio Città del Capo on 1305 kHz too

Radio Città del Capo 1305 AM da Pisa ricevuta a Bocca di Magra (La Spezia) alle 11.51 locali
On 1305 kHz from Pisa, Tuscany, now is on air Radio Città del Capo, based in Bologna and linked to Popolare Network.

This radio is broadcasting also on 774 kHz, from Lumbardy in North Italy. Both relay Radio Città del Capo on FM.

The frequencies was licensed to Netlit that few months ago announced a project on Medium Wave.

On their site you can follow the development. So far according to Netlit web site 3 frequencies are active: 774 - 1305 - 1602. The last one is from Savona, west side of Liguria region, North Italy.