sabato 16 marzo 2019

New Italian on MW: Radio Monterosa 1305 kHz

Onother new Italian radio reported on Medium Wave. It is Radio Monterosa on 1305 kHz AM. It was observed by Diego Cerri and identified first today by DXer Roberto Pavanello in Vercelli (Piemonte region). It is an FM radio on 94.6 MHz based in Verres (Valle d'Aosta region) and Pavanello could observe that 1305 was in parallel with web streaming.

Radio Monterosa is linked with Netlit Media Literacy Network CLICK HERE

If you want to know more about Radio Monterosa click here

Frequencies announced by Netlit (on March 16, 2019)

Milano 774 Khz on air
Viterbo 693 Khz
Genova 801 Khz
Potenza 693 khz
Varese 1584 khz
Caltanisetta  693 Khz
Savona 1602 khz
Milano 693 Khz
La Spezia
1602 Khz
Città di Castello 1602 Khz
Pisa  1305 Khz
on air