venerdì 15 febbraio 2019

Italian MW UPDATES: Netlit network adds 4 tx on 693 kHz and deletes 2 tx on 774 & 1584

Not Nine but 11 new MW stations
are coming on air in Italy, Netlit Media Literacy Network updated its site (click here) and now announces 4 more cities on new 693 kHz frequency: Viterbo, Potenza, Milano (another on this area), Caltanisetta. But deletes Firenze 774 kHz and Terni 1584. (Thanks to Mauro Belgi)

Now they say that 2 frequency are already on air:
774 kHz Milano
1035 kHz Pisa

The full Netlit MW networl list as 15 February 2019:

Frequenze in Onde Medie già attive e di imminente attivazione
Milano774 Khzon air
Viterbo693 Khz
Genova801 Khz
Potenza693 khz
Varese1584 khz
Caltanisetta 693 Khz
Savona1602 khz
Milano693 Khz
La Spezia
1602 Khz
Città di Castello1602 Khz
Pisa 1035 Khz
on air

(No more Firenze on 774 and Terni on 1584)

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