domenica 4 marzo 2018

Radio Spaceshuttle on air tra il 5 e il 9 marzo 9290 e/o 9270 kHz

Radio Spaceshuttle sarà on air nel periodo 5 - 9 marzo 2018 in onde corte sulle frequenze di 9290 e/o 9270 kHz

Hi, We shall have quite active week on 31 mb- sw-band this week. So we are expected to be testing on 9290 kHz mostly (alternative fq. 9270 kHz) between 06-14 hours UTC HOX not on air whole time only short tests during these hours. So put your rx to follow us these times.

Playing happy oldtimers with different genres of best music.

Wish to have a longer tx perhaps on wednesday 7th March starting around 10:30 UTC.

Reports welcome to our e-mail addresses. Special e-mailed QSL's will be sent already during testweek.

Best regards,

e-mail: spaceshuttleradio(AT)
Radio Spaceshuttle / P.O.Box 2702 / NL-6049 ZG Herten / The Netherlands

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