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Cina, Corea, Taiwan: guida agli streaming delle stazioni in MW

Il portale delle radio cinesi. Il DXer Chris ci aiuta a usarlo
Il DXer Chris Kadlec ha realizzato una guida agli streaming audio di radio cinesi, giapponesi e coreane operanti in onde medie con potenze significative. Un grande aiuto per chi si avventura nel DXing in onde medie asiatico per verificarare l'ascolto con il parallelo on line.

Questo il link diretto per scaricare il PDF con il testo sotto riprodotto CLICCA QUI

Trans-Pacific Stations: Streaming Audio Options

by Chris Kadlec - Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide

Here's a list of streaming audio options for stations or networks commonly received across the Pacific. If you have any requests for stations to be added, send an e-mail to Chris.Kadlec(AT)

Some stations and networks are omitted due to malfunctioning websites or websites with no streaming options. All streams have been confirmed to work with Internet Explorer unless otherwise stated. IE is still the standard for streaming audio in East Asia; many streams will not function in other browsers.


CNR all CNR Networks

You can find the stream of all CNR stations (Voice of China, Business Radio, Voice of the
Countryside, Tibetan, etc.) here, as well as their schedules.
CNR-1 is the first option, CNR-2 is the second. 200kw CNR-16 on 720 is listed 16th.
Both the streams and lists are in order, i.e. CNR-5 is listed 5th, etc.

For those who can't read Chinese, the menu on the left side of the page beside the schedules can be
copied and pasted to translate and they are listed in the same order as the streaming links above them.

585 Jiangsu Finance Radio 50kw
For this Nanjing station, stream the audio on the main page player on the right side.
Alternatively, use the main page at and click the blue button in the
bottom right to select 585.

594 Shandong Economic Radio 50kw
The "FM98.6" player link is Economic Radio.

702 Jiangsu News Radio 150kw
This is Nanjing's network. Click the blue button at the bottom right of the site to get a list of
available streams and select AM 702.

738 Jilin Compreh News Radio 150kw
This one is pretty straightforward. Click the giant play button on the upper right of the main

792 Shenyang News Radio 50kw
AM 792 is the default stream on this link. It's FM 104.5. To switch between different streams, there are options just under the schedule on the right side. 792 is the very first option, which should be highlighted in blue.

810 Voice of Zhejiang  200kw
The station's individual website seems to have been erased (no surprise). The 810 stream is the default for this site though. Make sure the FM88 stream is active and click on the link to stream. The direct stream can otherwise be accessed at

882 Shenyang Life Radio 25kw Under the schedule on the right side, make sure the second option is highlighted in blue. This is the 103.4 stream, which is //882.

918 Shandong People's Radio | 200kw
Make sure the FM95 stream is activated, which is parallel to Shandong People's Radio, which may have over-the-air echoes due to multiple high-powered stations.

936 Anhui Comprehen. Radio  200kw
For the station stream, click the "Live" link, shown in English. The default stream, if it functions, should be 936.

1053 Yanbian People's Radio 20kw
Click the link in the far upper right corner of the website, which will bring you to the station's Qingting page (, which should be parallel to the AM feed.

1206 Yanbian Comp. News R.  200kw
All Yanbian programs stream on this main page in Internet Explorer only. The station airs programming in Korean as opposed to the 1053 & 1566 frequencies broadcasting in Chinese.

1251 Shandong Country Radio 50kw
The stream for Country Radio is FM91.9.

1530 Zhejiang News Radio  50kw
Select the FM98.8 stream for the News Radio stream.

1566 Yanbian People's Radio 25kw
Click the link in the far upper right corner of the website, which will bring you to the
station's Qingting page (, which should be parallel
to the AM feed.


Japanese radio, music, and media are generally restricted only to Japanese residents online and almost all radio station streams have been migrated to the restricted Radiko service. Even most Japanese music has been deleted from YouTube by the record companies and migrated to Japanese-language sites.

NHK Radio 1 & 2
You can run the media by clicking the big "R1" and "R2" links on the front page, which includes the schedule. However, you may get a message in Japanese when clicking the play button, which will say "Media could not be loaded," and the restriction would be the reason.


KBS 1 Radio & KBS 2 Radio

558 Daegu | KBS 2 |
567 Jeonju | KBS 1 | 100kw
603 Seoul | KBS 2 | 500kw
711 Seoul | KBS 1 | 500kw
738 Daegu | KBS 1 | 100kw
747 Gwangju | KBS 1 | 100kw
864 Gangneung | KBS 1 | 100kw
891 Busan | KBS 1 | 250kw
1062 Cheongju | KBS 1 | 50kw

Any of these links will do when checking KBS and they are, like many American radio sites, largely all the same-looking websites. Most KBS 1 or 2 stations when received overseas are airing parallel content, so usually any stream will do.

Click the "1R" or "2R" link in the upper right, which will open a small pop-up with the player, best streamed in Internet Explorer only.

For 603 and 711 Seoul, click the headphones in the upper right corner and then "1R" or "2R".

792 SBS Love FM 50kw
The streaming link for 792 is the very last option in the streaming list. However, it's restricted to South Korean connections only, so it can't be streamed overseas.

837 CBS Seoul | 22kw
Select the "98.1" link in the upper left corner of the website for the 837 stream.

900 MBC Seoul  50kw
The smaller MBC stations, many of them 10kw, may not be parallel to the main signal at all times and they have their own sites and streams. However, this is the most likely frequency to come through overseas. Select the play button for "FM95.9".

972 KBS Hanminjok 1R 1500kw
Like the other KBS stations, select the headphones in the upper right and select the Hanminjok link (the Korean link after 1R, 2R, and 3R, 1FM and 2FM).

1134 KBS 3 Radio Seoul 500kw
Select the headphones in the upper right and then "3R". Keep in mind that 3R is off the air from 0305 to 0545 local time (1805-2045 UTC), at which time Tokyo will be heard.

1170 KBS Hanminjok 2R  500kw
It seems that the Hanminjok link on the website is for Hanminjok 1R (972) only, so 2R doesn't have any streaming link.

1188 FEBC Seoul 100kw
The FEBC station in Incheon (Seoul) is not parallel to 1566. In addition, it runs VOA from 2000-0000 local time (UTC +9) and then RFA after that. Otherwise, it's parallel to local 106.9. For the stream, select the play button on the upper right schedule. However, if you're not using Internet Explorer, you may get a message in Korean that says the media cannot be played.

1566 FEBC Jeju  250kw
Like the Seoul affiliate, click on the play button in the schedule in the upper right. However, you may get a message in Korean indicating that the media could not be loaded if you use a browser other than Internet Explorer.


1557 RTI I Love Music 300kw
Select the giant play button to stream this one, which also runs 24 hours online.

                                                                                                                        (January 2018 edition)