venerdì 14 ottobre 2016

Ascoltando il Corno d'Africa. Log onde corte

Radio Fana. QSL
Molti segnali dall'Africa Orientale, il Corno d'Africa. Di seguito un monitoraggio dell'amico Anker Petersen con l'AOR AR7030Plus e 28 metri di filo

Our recent DSWCI Annual General Meeting confirmed, that the exchange of
tips is the most essential part in our worldwide hobby of DX-ing! Anker

4885.03 0310-0315 14.10 B R Clube do Pará, Belém, PA
Portuguese talk 35343 AP-DNK

4930.00 0315-0320 14.10 BOT VOA, via Moepeng Hill English
report about Somalia 35343 AP-DNK

4960.00 0425-0435 14.10 STP VOA, via Pinheira English news,
"Wishing everyone a Good Weekend", the King of Thailand has died
45344 AP-DNK

5070.00 0245-0255 13.10 USA WWCR, Nashville, TN (tent.)
English talk - unusual broadcast time, much fading 25211 AP-DNK

5130.00 0255-0305 13.10 USA WBCQ, Monticello, ME English
talk with musical interludes, 0300 two men in a dialogue 25232 AP-DNK

5939.88 0340-0345 14.10 B Voz Missionaria, Camboriú, SC
Portuguese religious talk 25333 AP-DNK

5950.00 0345-0350 14.10 ETH Voice of the Tigray Revolution,
Addis Ababa Tigrinya conversation, Horn of Africa songs 35433

6030.00 0350-0355 14.10 ETH R Oromiya, Adama, via Geja
Jewe Oromo ann, Horn of Africa songs 25333 AP-DNK

6090.00 0355-0400 14.10 ETH Voice of Amhara State, Geja
Jewe Amharic conversation by woman and man, local song, 0400 ann,
Horn of Africa music by trumpet 25333 AP-DNK

6110.02 0400-0405 14.10 ETH R Fana, Addis Ababa Amharic
talk, probably news 25232 AP-DNK

7146.57 0405-0415 14.10 ERI Voice of the Broad Masses of
, Asmara Vernacular talk with string music in the
background 23332 noise jammed by ETH AP-DNK

7185.00 0410-0425 14.10 ERI Voice of the Broad Masses of
, Asmara Afar talk about Liberation, Horn of Africa song,
noise jammed by ETH, replacing 7175 23333 AP-DNK