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Mosquito Coast DX News - Tropicali e non solo sotto controllo

Mosquito Coast DX News - September 10 2016

1110 CUBA Radio Angulo, Holguin, 0254, nice selection SP ballads by W, //740 and much weaker 1100, giving WBT Charlotte a good fight (3 Sept 2016) (XM)

2850 North Korea, KCBS, 1815, very good with patriotic music and woman announcer. 2 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

3255 South Africa, BBC Relay, 1745, EG, fair with African football update. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

3310 Bolivia, Mosoj Chaski, 1037, noted in passing with long-winded male announcer. Only possible with new noise-reducing aerial as faulty streetlight causes huge QRM in this area. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

3310 BOLIVIA Radio Mosoj Chaski, 0908, w/ nice selection of Andean mx, poor but audible (4 Sept 2016) (XM)

3375.1 Brasil Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira 0909 om with novel echo chamber effect, then yl vocalist… fading at 0955 2 Sept (Wilkner)

3900 China, Hulun Buir PBS, 1245, good with talk by man, easy listening Chinese music. 2 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

4010 Kyrgyzstan, KGR1, 1300, good with news or similar. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

4055 Guatemala, R. Verdad, 1010, surprisingly good with ID by a man, hymns, scripture reading. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

4055 Guatemala, Radio Verdad 0000 strong signal with religious chorale to 0005 on 9 Sept. (Wilkner)

4369U ALABAMA WLO Mobile Radio, 0935 w/ marine wx and traffic list (5 Sept 2016)(XM)

4747.53 Perú Radio Huanta 2000 Huanta Ayacucho 0010 to 0023 om in Spanish chat, under massive CODAR 9 Sept. (Wilkner)

4805 Brasil Radio Difusora do Amazonas,Manaus 0953 very weak in Portuguese with om chat, no music heard to 1010 - 2 September— same weak signal at 0900 to 0912 on 3 September— noted weak 2330 on 10 September (Wilkner)

4824.49 Perú La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos 0000 to 0015 locutor en español, alas with very weak signal best in lsb 9 Sept. (Wilkner)

4835 Sikkim, AIR Gangtok, 1245+, presumed with fair signal but very little copy due to very low modulation. Brief copy after 1320 but gone after 1400. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

4875.14 Brazil, R. Dif. Roraima, 0918, presumed, noted in passing with upbeat local music. 2 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

4875.1 Brasil Rdif Roraima, Boa Vista RR 0002 to 0025 with om chat in PT, good signal with voice English UTE occasionally on top. 9 Sept. (Wilkner)

4885 Brazil, R. Clubs do Para, 0910, presumed, with excited talk by a man, Brasopops. Fair. 2 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

4885 Brasil Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, PA 0810 to 0933 variety of talk and music with strong signal 2 Sept (Wilkner)

4895 India, AIR Kurseong, 1220, looking to see if there was any activity from Mongolia and got this instead with ID and news at 1230. Strong. 2 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

4894.9 UNID ….possibly…. Brasil Radio Novo Tempo, Campo Grande 0930 to 0944 weak in Portuguese programming 4 September (Wilkner)

4910 Australia, VL8T Tennant Creek 0800 to 0820, first noted NT stations off the air 2 Sept (Wilkner)

4915 Brasil Radio Daqui Goiânia, GO 0915 to 0930 good signal with Brasil Pop, om vocal and dj 2 Sept (Wilkner)

4925.24 Brazil, R. Educacao Rural, 1030, presumed with excited comments by Portuguese man. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

4925.2 Brasil Radio Educação Rural, Tefé, AM 0026 to 0030 noted good signal with melodic piano solo, 9 Sept. (Wilkner)

4955 Peru, R. Cultura Amauta, 1025, talk by a man, mensajes, local references. Fair. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

4990 SURINAME Radio Apintie, presumed, 0918, could not get more than a carrier out of this one (4 Sept. 2016) (XM)

4990 Suriname, Radio Apintie, Paramaribo 0810 to 0820 om in Dutch very weak with fading 2 Sept (Wilkner)

5025 Peru, R. Quillabamba, 1045, noted with huaynos, mixing with Rebelde. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

5035t Brazil, R. Aparecida? Noted with talk by Portuguese man at 1020 but no ID. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

5035 BRASIL Radio Aparecida, 1040, relig mx and PT talk (4 Sept 2016) (XM)

5066.44 Democratic Congo, Radio Candip, 1800, fair with French news or talk, bothered by UTE. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

5900 Russia, Radio Rossii, *1000 with brief news or similar by woman, ID and further comment by a man. A bit of flutter but otherwise good. Happy to see this one back. 5 September David Sharp- NSW.

5900 R. Rossii (site?) 1405-1420+ 4 Sept. Thanks to tips from Ron Howard & Ivo Ivanov (HCDX), i caught a few minutes of RR above the noise this morning--mostly RU chat, some operatic-style singing & a nice "Radyo Rossii" ID @ 1409. Surprised the signal isn't better as most FE RU stations heard in the past had usually quite good signals. (Dan Sheedy)

5900 RUSSIA Radio Rossi, Khabarovsk, presumed, 1014, no more than a threshold signal out of this one w/ similar situation on 1100 recheck (6 Sept 2016) (XM)

5910 Colombia Alcaraván Radio, Puerto Lleras 0027upbeat mus vocalist , yl “..las palabras..cuatro de la tarde “ back to music 0031 9 Sept (Wilkner)

5909.98 Colombia, Alcaravan Radio, good with traditional Latin music, automated (sounding) time call/ID, not heard next night. 31 August. (David Sharp- NSW)

5985 Shiokaze/Seabreeze (via Yamata) 1327-34 1 Sept. Shiokaze's 1st day here (ex-5965, where the NK jammer still lurks...clueless) with Thursday's EG program. Myanmar is now unusable until after Shiokaze's 1400*. (Dan Sheedy)

6010.16 Colombia, LV Conciencia, 0740, presumed with Spanish talk by a man, weaker than Alcaravan. 31 August. (David Sharp- NSW)

6050 Asyik FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1324-1416+ 2 Sept. After a few days of "big carrier-no modulation"/not on at all, Asyik popped back this morning very well with recorded & live in-studio ML pop, nice "almost-a-jingle" spoken "Asyik FM-Asyik FM" just before BOH & a big production RTM/Asyik station promo. (Dan Sheedy)

6070 CANADA CFRX Toronto, 0916, M and W in cmntry, fair to almost good but rapidly deteriorated (4 Sept 2016) (XM)

6089.87v Nigeria, FRCN Kaduna, 1759, clear "Radio Nigeria" ID by a man (presumably followed by Kaduna but missed it). Occasional comments by a woman, into news or similar. Over modulated and warbly xmtr, drifting as low as .85-ish. Not heard next day so irregular. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

6115 Congo Republic, Radio Congo, 1810, fair with French news. Not noted next day so irregular. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

6160 Canada CKZN St Johns 0005 yl news items then om same, with brief music bridge 0010 - 9 Sept. (Wilkner)

6173.81 Peru, R. Tawantinsuyo, 1053, noted as big her against nominal, with partial copy in LSB and tight filters. Mostly poor. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

7225 Sichuan PBS2 (Chengdu) 1340-1400+ 1 Sept. Mix of Yui chat, "traditional" sounding CH music, multi-language ID @ TOH, followed by "..the People's Radio Station, S-W 6-0-6-0, 7-2-2-5, FM 88.1.." & into TB program. 7225 bothered by a 2-3 kHz whiny het & //6060 was squeezed between CNR2 & RN1. (Dan Sheedy)

9580 RA 1356+ 3 Sept. RA doing well today //12085 (very not so good) with 12065 possibly replaced by 15240 (imaginary-level audio sounded // to 9580). A re-check on 4 Sept. @ 1410 found 9580 (good)/12085 (poor) with nothing heard on 12065 or 15240. (Dan Sheedy)

9650 Guinea, Radio Guinea, 1820, good with local hilife, talk by a man, Cora instrumental bridges. 1 September. (David Sharp- NSW)

11580 PIRATE Radio Northern Ireland, 0130, signed on with the "Lincolnshire Poacher," heard a clear "Northern Ireland," and possibly an address. Difficult to hear much else because of the jamming on this frequency aimed at earlier WRMI programs and still going. Signal was fair, but because of the jamming pretty much unintelligible. (Aug. 28, 2016) Earlier on 15770 from 2054 t/in until 2114 t/out had something unid on this freq. RNI scheduled for 2100 s/on, but signal too weak to determine if this was it. Was best in LSB. Appeared to be EG with some mx. (XM)

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