sabato 29 luglio 2017

Radio Mi Amigo on air con Offshore Summer Beach Party (30 luglio 17-19 UTC)

Notizie da Shortwaveservice (newsletter 28 July 2017)

Dear shortwave friends,
We have a special programming in English language for you on this Sunday:

Radio Mi Amigo International presents the "Offshore Summer Beach Party" on July, 30 from 19 - 21 hr CET (17 - 19 hr UTC) on 11845 kHz in the 25m SW-band with a power of 100kW coming from Armenia beamed towards Europe.


And from July, 29 until August, 07 Radio Documenta 14 broadcasts as follows:
11:00-12:00 UTC
18:00-19:00 UTC
20:00-22:00 UTC
on 15560 kHz for listeners outside europe.

Enjoy your Weekend.
Best regards,
Christian Milling