giovedì 26 maggio 2016

QSL Report to the May 2016

QSL Report to the May 2016


5975 Adventist World Radio Bulgarian Studio, Russian BCB via Issoudun. 
Received back a regular AWR Card with full data (website) inside a nice 
envelope with stamps, from the Bulgarian Studio. Included was a Booklet 
called Planet in Rebellion. Reply in 40 days for a Postal report. V/s: 
Borislav Yordanov (Edward Kusalik - Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)


15405 Ugandan Diaspora P10 Radio broadcast in Swahili via Issoudun. Full 
data (w/site) .pdf Media Short-wave QSL in less then eight hours after 
posting a follow-up for a total of 34 days. V/s: Michael Puetz (Edward 
Kusalik - Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)


15525 Bible Voice Broadcasting Broker via Nauen, 100 kW’s 148-degree 

azimuth. The following station where verified via Three (3) Full data 
(w/site, power, azimuth) ‘reaching the Nations-one person at a Time’ QSL 
cards, via the Newmarket address.

Voice of Morning Star –Ethiopian Outreach Ministry (EOM)

New Creation Amharic BCB to East Africa

Voice of Maranatha Ministries Amharic BCB to east Africa

Grace Radio Ministry Somali BCB to east Africa

African Radio Ministry – Haaiya Worship Hour

Voice of Light – Dimtsi Berhan, Tigrinyan BCB to East Africa

This for both E-mail and eventually a Postal Reports, with replies from 
93 to 10 days.

Correspondences via Amanda James (Edward Kusalik - Daysland, Alberta, 

15525 Bible Voice Broadcasting via Nauen. Received back from Media 
Broadcast an e-mail .pdf QSL with just BVB listed as the Broker. This 
reply in three days after posting a follow-up for a total of 70 days. 
V/s Michael Puetz (Edward Kusalik - Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)


17640 Madagascar World Voice/African Pathways Radio via Mahajanga 
Transmitter site. Full data (with no site but azimuth degree indicated) 
Water/tree Evening Scene of Madagascar with a Bible verse. This for a 
Postal report with goodies to Tennessee address, with reply in 20 days. 
(Edward Kusalik - Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)


6930 USB Radio Zed replied within six hours with a nice .pdf QSL 
response of the Big Band Leaders of the 30 and 40’s. Nice QSL with the 
power as 500 watts. (Edward Kusalik - Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)


15260 FEBC Indonesia (YASKI) Javanese BCB. Received an e-mail reply 
stating they never received my e-mail report but thanked me to my Postal 
follow-up report. This from Puteri Handayani Director’s Secretary and 
Public relations, followed with a separate e-mail statement from Samuel 
Tirthardja, President of FEBC Indonesia indicating thanking me for my 
inquiry and for that they will response soon.Replies came in 32 days 
after sending a Postal report for an April 2015 reception report. 
(Edward Kusalik - Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)


5910 Radio-lead Africa via Sentech Transmitter. Received a reply from 
Martha Leah Nangalama confirming my e-mail report of March.She is a 
Canadian and from New Brunswick.Reply in 12 hours after posting my 
report to: <>

5910 Radio-lead Africa- Uganda via Sentech Transmitter. Less then four 
hours after posting my e-mail report received back a acknowledgement 
from Baker Mayamba, at radioleadafricamedia v/s: Baker 
(Edward Kusalik - Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)