martedì 5 gennaio 2021

DX Fanzine 88 now on line - For active DXers

DX Fanzine 88 cover image - Radio Centrafrique Building

Happy New Year and greetings from Taranto (Puglia, in the South of Italy), I have now the pleasure to inform that DX FANZINE, Edition No. 88 - DECEMBER 2020 i now on line. It includes not only its usual columns of "Loggings" and "QSL review" but also "The Mosquito Coast" DX News edited in November by Robert Wilkner.

If you want to contribute to DX FANZINE (and new contributors are welcome!), send your best logs, QSL notes or a general comment about any aspect of our hobby as often as you want to: or

To read DX Fanzine on line Click Here